Develop individual confidence to provide the personal satisfaction that you can rise above your fears.
Personal confidence enhances the teams’ resilience to be able to work together and overcome difficulties.
Trust is built within the team so that when challenged by stressful situations they are able to work cohesively.

Abseiling aims to develop confidence within a person. Your instinct tells you that it is not natural to step over the edge of a cliff let alone backwards. Confidence develops when you make the choice to do something you’re afraid of and still go through with it. By developing confidence in you, the team can then develop and build resilience that can be drawn upon to overcome difficult situations together. Through rock climbing, the team can rely on the communication skills and mutual trust built up due to being faced with a stressful situation together, knowing that it can be achieved by a cohesive and collaborative effort.

Our main abseiling site is Kangaroo Point with a picturesque view of Brisbane City. It is a great way for beginners to get the basics with an 18 – 20m abseil. For the more adventurous or experienced, the MT Ngungun or MT Tibrogargan abseiling day is more of a thrill.

We have 2 different options for rock climbing: the first being Kangaroo Point with a wide range of climbs of various difficulties. The second, being on the Sunshine Coast at places such as Mt Ngungun or Mt Tibrogargan. We can arrange indoor rock climbing in the city, this allows for multiple people to be climbing at once. This is great for wet weather and a quick activity.